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What should you look for when buying a waterbed?

We overslept about a third of our lives. With this information in mind, we would rather think three times about what kind of bed we buy. It would be terrible if we spent so much of our lives on an uncomfortable bed - with all the resulting consequences.

What should you look for when buying a waterbed?

When buying a waterbed, there are a number of points to consider.

Dimensions of the waterbed

First, your body size determines the size of the waterbed. For a soft side waterbed, you will have to subtract 7 cm of the sleeping area due to the sloping foam frames on which you are not allowed to lie.

For example, if you or your partner is taller than 180 cm, you will need a waterbed of at least 200 cm in length for a sleeping area of ​​186 cm.

In addition, you must decide whether to choose a mono or duo system, how much you want to stabilize your waterbed, what type of mattress cover and which type of heating you choose.

Mono or duo water mattress:

As with a regular bed, you can opt for a single mattress (mono) or two separate mattresses (duo). You choose the type of water mattress according to weight and feel. We recommend in most cases to choose a duo system.

The advantage of having two separate mattresses is that you do not have any problems with the movement of your partner and you can adjust the stabilization, temperature and water volume separately.

If there is a big difference in weight between you and your partner, we always recommend a duo system. This will prevent the mattress from being too hard for the lighter and too soft for the other.


The degree of vibration of the water in the mattress is determined by a series of stabilizing mats in the mattress. Everyone has a different predilection, one finds the vibration pleasant, the other prefers to move as little as possible.

Stabilization ranges from 60% with a movement time of 2-4 seconds up to 120% and a movement time of 0. Heavily stabilized water mattresses are also equipped with lumbar support for extra support around the hips. Look up online mattresses at lowest price on our online store.