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These are the main advantages of natural mattresses

They contain materials such as natural latex, coconut, sheep's wool or horsehair: we are talking about natural mattresses. Too often, we are exposed to harmful environmental factors during the day - should not there be a chemical and pollutant-free environment in the bedroom anyway?

These are the main advantages of natural mattresses

Natural mattress, organic mattress, eco-mattress: There are many names, but all mean a mattress, which, as the name implies, consists of purely natural materials. This is also their most important advantage: unlike cheap synthetic mattresses, it is completely free from chemical solvents, plasticizers and thus exhalations, which in extreme cases can even be carcinogenic.

In addition, most natural mattresses are environmentally friendly because they usually consist of natural, renewable and recyclable raw materials. If it is a high-quality natural mattress, the products often come from certified organic and sustainable cultivation. So you can fall asleep on such a mattress without a guilty conscience.

But even with mattresses unfortunately applies: Not everywhere where organic is on it is also organic in it. To make sure that a natural mattress is really a bio-mattress that is largely free of chemicals and pollutants, you should always have your specialist store informed about the exact contents of the mattress before you buy it.

Materials for natural mattresses: natural latex, coconut, straw

The core, ie the interior of a mattress, consists of natural materials in natural mattresses. For example, natural latex, coconut or straw are used. As a result, natural mattresses do not bother them with these chemical, unhealthy odors, which are known from inferior, cheap, synthetic mattresses. Find out more, likecan your mattress cause lower back pain.

Natural latex: The most popular natural material

For traditional latex mattresses, synthetically produced crude oil based (plastic based) latex is used. Natural mattresses, on the other hand, use natural latex. Ideally, it consists of 100% natural rubber, but also natural latex with a share of 95% natural rubber is still very high quality. Natural latex offers many advantages compared to synthetic latex, so a natural latex mattress core is particularly recommended.