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How can I compare tempurpedic mattress offers?

The tempurpedic mattress warranty is not the same mattress. Only the details make the first mattress the mattress that suits you best. Only someone who is unfamiliar with matter is quickly overwhelmed by terms such as "density of volume,""hardship" and "core height". So here's a little crash course to help them filter out what's important when comparing different offerings.

a) Volume

A high volume weight (RG) is one of the most important quality features of a mattress. The higher the volume weight, the longer the mattress is. With us, you only get mattresses with a density of at least 40 RG. Caution is advised in very cheap mattresses with a density of RG 30 or less, as quality losses are expected to quickly.

b) Compression hardness

The compression hardness tells how hard the mattress is. In addition, a high compressive strength ensures that the mattress quickly returns to its original shape after pressure has been applied. So, if you grab a mattress with low compression hardness, you have to expect that disturbing reclining chairs will disturb your sleep and make you feel very soft.

c) Core height

The core height is also an important quality feature. The higher the core, the greater the amount of foam processed for the mattress. The more foam in the mattress, the harder the core. Too soft a core cannot withstand the pressure applied to it and allows the sleeper to sink deep into the mattress during sleep. When comparing the core height, make sure that it is really the sole core height or the total height of the mattress!

Volume weight, compression hardness, core height, and hardness should be optimally adapted to your personal needs.

d) Mattress cover

A good mattress should have a washable mattress cover. This is especially true if it is used in the nursery or in the medical field. The ideal cover is pollutant-free for the sake of your health.

e) Health properties

Only on a mattress that is free of pollutants, you sleep really healthy. So make sure that the mattresses are tested for harmful substances. This test passed our mattresses.