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They contain materials such as natural latex, coconut, sheep's wool or horsehair: we are talking about natural mattresses. Too often, we are exposed to harmful environmental factors during the day - should not there be a chemical and pollutant-free environment in the bedroom anyway?

These are the main advantages of natural mattresses

Natural mattress, organic mattress, eco-mattress: There are many names, but all mean a mattress, which, as the name implies, consists of purely natural materials. This is also their most important advantage: unlike cheap synthetic mattresses, it is completely free from chemical solvents, plasticizers and thus exhalations, which in extreme cases can even be carcinogenic.

In addition, most natural mattresses are environmentally friendly because they usually consist of natural, renewable and recyclable raw materials. If it is a high-quality natural mattress, the products often come from certified organic and sustainable cultivation. So you can fall asleep on such a mattress without a guilty conscience.

But even with mattresses unfortunately applies: Not everywhere where organic is on it is also organic in it. To make sure that a natural mattress is really a bio-mattress that is largely free of chemicals and pollutants, you should always have your specialist store informed about the exact contents of the mattress before you buy it.

Materials for natural mattresses: natural latex, coconut, straw

The core, ie the interior of a mattress, consists of natural materials in natural mattresses. For example, natural latex, coconut or straw are used. As a result, natural mattresses do not bother them with these chemical, unhealthy odors, which are known from inferior, cheap, synthetic mattresses. Find out more, likecan your mattress cause lower back pain.

Natural latex: The most popular natural material

For traditional latex mattresses, synthetically produced crude oil based (plastic based) latex is used. Natural mattresses, on the other hand, use natural latex. Ideally, it consists of 100% natural rubber, but also natural latex with a share of 95% natural rubber is still very high quality. Natural latex offers many advantages compared to synthetic latex, so a natural latex mattress core is particularly recommended.

We overslept about a third of our lives. With this information in mind, we would rather think three times about what kind of bed we buy. It would be terrible if we spent so much of our lives on an uncomfortable bed - with all the resulting consequences.

What should you look for when buying a waterbed?

When buying a waterbed, there are a number of points to consider.

Dimensions of the waterbed

First, your body size determines the size of the waterbed. For a soft side waterbed, you will have to subtract 7 cm of the sleeping area due to the sloping foam frames on which you are not allowed to lie.

For example, if you or your partner is taller than 180 cm, you will need a waterbed of at least 200 cm in length for a sleeping area of ​​186 cm.

In addition, you must decide whether to choose a mono or duo system, how much you want to stabilize your waterbed, what type of mattress cover and which type of heating you choose.

Mono or duo water mattress:

As with a regular bed, you can opt for a single mattress (mono) or two separate mattresses (duo). You choose the type of water mattress according to weight and feel. We recommend in most cases to choose a duo system.

The advantage of having two separate mattresses is that you do not have any problems with the movement of your partner and you can adjust the stabilization, temperature and water volume separately.

If there is a big difference in weight between you and your partner, we always recommend a duo system. This will prevent the mattress from being too hard for the lighter and too soft for the other.


The degree of vibration of the water in the mattress is determined by a series of stabilizing mats in the mattress. Everyone has a different predilection, one finds the vibration pleasant, the other prefers to move as little as possible.

Stabilization ranges from 60% with a movement time of 2-4 seconds up to 120% and a movement time of 0. Heavily stabilized water mattresses are also equipped with lumbar support for extra support around the hips. Look up online mattresses at lowest price on our online store.

The tempurpedic mattress warranty is not the same mattress. Only the details make the first mattress the mattress that suits you best. Only someone who is unfamiliar with matter is quickly overwhelmed by terms such as "density of volume,""hardship" and "core height". So here's a little crash course to help them filter out what's important when comparing different offerings.

a) Volume

A high volume weight (RG) is one of the most important quality features of a mattress. The higher the volume weight, the longer the mattress is. With us, you only get mattresses with a density of at least 40 RG. Caution is advised in very cheap mattresses with a density of RG 30 or less, as quality losses are expected to quickly.

b) Compression hardness

The compression hardness tells how hard the mattress is. In addition, a high compressive strength ensures that the mattress quickly returns to its original shape after pressure has been applied. So, if you grab a mattress with low compression hardness, you have to expect that disturbing reclining chairs will disturb your sleep and make you feel very soft.

c) Core height

The core height is also an important quality feature. The higher the core, the greater the amount of foam processed for the mattress. The more foam in the mattress, the harder the core. Too soft a core cannot withstand the pressure applied to it and allows the sleeper to sink deep into the mattress during sleep. When comparing the core height, make sure that it is really the sole core height or the total height of the mattress!

Volume weight, compression hardness, core height, and hardness should be optimally adapted to your personal needs.

d) Mattress cover

A good mattress should have a washable mattress cover. This is especially true if it is used in the nursery or in the medical field. The ideal cover is pollutant-free for the sake of your health.

e) Health properties

Only on a mattress that is free of pollutants, you sleep really healthy. So make sure that the mattresses are tested for harmful substances. This test passed our mattresses.

Best bed brands should be as exact as possible adapted to your own sleep needs to ensure a healthy and restful sleep. Interested parties can choose between many different mattress variants. But not always a completely new mattress is necessary to improve your own sleeping comfort. So-called mattress toppers, which are also often referred to as a mattress topper, are an ideal solution in this context: mattress toppers maximize sleeping comfort and are at the same time significantly cheaper than the purchase of a completely new mattress. But how can the toppers increase comfort? What exactly are the advantages of such a mattress topper and maybe there are different types of toppers? We would like to inform you about mattresses topper and editions as extensively as possible to ensure that you decide on the right topper at the next purchase.

What is a mattress topper?

The topper is the English term for the word mattress topper. Accordingly, a mattress topper is initially nothing other than a pad that is positioned on the actual mattress. The topper for the mattress has a core made of different materials. So there are latex toppers, cold foam toppers, gel toppers or even visco toppers. Depending on the nature of the core material of the topper, the mattress overlay changes the sleeping comfort of your own mattress. For example, a Visco Topper creates a softer surface into which the sleeping person literally sinks. A gel topper has similar characteristics as the visco topper but is a little softer and also brings improved air permeability. Visco and gel toppers are very pressure-laden. Cold foam toppers, on the other hand, are designed for people who expect more support from a topper as they want to avoid overly deep sinking. Latex toppers, on the other hand, are known for high load capacity (body weight) and very good air circulation.

Important note: Mattress toppers are basically available for all standard mattress sizes. Even a box spring topper is required by many today. The mattress pads differ in their core height. Normally, the cores have a height between four and nine centimeters. Consideration of your individual wishes has a high priority for us in this context.

A heavier sleeper will not feel comfortable enough while sleeping on any mattress. The mattresses which can be used by lighter people shouldn’t be utilized by the heavier people. Hence, various types of mattresses are available exclusively for heavy people. These mattresses are specially designed with certain construction mechanisms and design parameters. One of the most widely used stomach sleeper mattress is hybrid mattresses. These are formed of both coils and layers of foam or a combination of varieties of foam layers. These mattresses are highly beneficial and extensively useful for heavier people.

As it is apparent from the name that hybrid mattresses implement more than one material so as to provide you with the most comfortable experience. Usually, foam layers and latex products are amalgamated with the innerspring unit to form the hybrid mattresses. The innerspring products offer immense support and bounce, whereas, the foam and latex layers are associated with hug and contour. So, it is evident that both the materials are completely different and the facilities offered by them are different as well. Nevertheless, when these materials are combined together, they harmonize each other so as to produce the best quality mattresses for heavier people.

The high densities of polyfoam varying in the range of 1.5-1.8 lb/ft3 and memory foam of 4.5-5 lb/ft3 make the hybrid mattresses highly durable and resilient. Besides durability, the hybrid mattresses provide the following extraordinary features which can highly advantageous for heavier persons:

•    Provides good air-circulation

•    Offers strong edge support

•    Facilitates better deep compression support

•    Provides a good degree of bounce

So, the hybrid mattresses not only comfort you with its softness, but it also helps in maintaining your body temperature at nights. These mattresses are highly temperature-regulated and can help your body to remain cool throughout the night. Also, the firmness and support offered by the mattress don’t make you suffer from back sore or neck injury instead it provides you with a deep, refreshing and stress-free sleep. Thus, a hybrid mattress is appropriate and most suitable mattress for a heavy person.

Are you searching for the best type mattresses that are making people to have the best experience of sleep? It is very hard to select one of the best mattresses that can be suitable to you or you any other members of the family. In the market you have numerous of mattresses’ models that are making people to think for the perfect choice of mattress.  Actually these mattresses that are available in the market are the new revolutionary mattresses that are having the best way of getting relaxed or comfortable sleep.  In order to have comfortable sleep or relax to the body then you must select the right kind of mattress for you. It is sure that you have never been the experience such comfortable sleep.

The best memory form mattress is one of the best from all others. There are different types of foam mattresses that are available in the market. To help, find amemory foam mattress buying guide that is provides you recommendations. The manufacturers of such mattresses have shown great experience of their wonderful work. Now you have the mattress that will have to sleep for the long time. These are the mattresses that are specially designed for relaxing the body in full comfort. The foam that is used for making such mattresses are having high quality technology. The numerous of features that are found in such mattresses are kept according to the human body comfort.

If you logon to the internet then you have the offer to purchasing it from any of the reliable sites that are selling such product. There are sites that are also providing you discount offers that helps you save time. If you are using old mattress then it is time to experience such foam mattress to have the best comfort experience of sleep. It is sure that all the mental tiredness with all the physical tiredness will be forgotten if you will use such valuable mattress.

Are you sleeping on a standard quality surface? Do you know about the mattress density? Are you lying on an organic surface to keep your body healthy? It is important for you and your partner to rest upon a naturally-framed mattress model. The organic qualities within a mattress are highly advantageous for the human body. The purest bedding frames and mattress models are likely to prevent body pain either you’re a side sleeper or a stomach sleeper.  

In the present lifestyle, a greater emphasis is laid on healthier options. When sleeping plays a vital role in life, then it is equally important to give such a vital share to the bed or mattress also. The major role-playing property is inscribed within a mattress. A calm sleeping environment will be fruitful for securing good health in the future time also. The essential condition to enjoy a restful and refreshing sleep lies in the type of mattress present on your bed frame.

Chemical-free mattress: Is it beneficial for people sleeping on the sides?

Do you sleep on your right side? Is your partner having the same or different sleeping posture? Well, these questions have a great role in picking up any mattress. The sleepers who prefer side postures should give a natural mattress great importance than the chemical-based mattresses. With the organic models, one can get to lie upon a chemical-free surface without any allergenic elements.

It is also medically recommended that an organically framed mattress is a great option for any side sleeper. The cooling temperature within such models remains free from any chemical solution. The high potential properties within a 100% organic mattress are soothing for health care attributes.

Have a good blood circulation level to undisturbed sleep

Is it possible for you to sleep on a discomfort mattress? Will you be able to enjoy an undisturbed sleep by lying on a highly concentrated chemical solution-based surface? Well, this is hazardous for even the ears to listen. Then, how come you survive in such a situation? The best remedy is to bring home the chemical-free mattress. It would be a great way to improve your blood circulation level within the body.